Washington DC: March 29 - April 5

My vacations started with a week visit to Washington DC to see Sheila. We did the usual DC things - the Zoo, the Tidal Basin, the Smithsonian (a brief tour of the American Indian Museum - especially the cafe).

The star attraction at the National Zoo is the panda cub Tai Shan. He tends to spend all his time sleeping in the tree. His mother spends her time eating bamboo.  


On Friday, we walked around the tidal basin and viewed the cherry blossoms.

Sunday we did our ten mile run/walk. We were supposed to participate in the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run. However, Sheila forgot to enter, so we did a 10 mile run/walk on the C&O Canal. It was very pleasant -- rural and uncrowded (I didn't bring my camera, alas). However, without the impetus of the race, we didn't go as fast as we had hoped.

Still, as tradition dictated, we went to a spa the next day and got a massage.

I flew home on Wednesday. I had one week to get ready for my next trip: a two-week tour of the Southwest.