Three Day Bike Ride around Mt. Rainier

Mom, Dad, Paul, and I rode around Mt. Rainier in October. Adrian joined us on the second day (biking in one day what we did in two).

The first day we biked from near Orting to Ashford (almost to the entrance of Mt. Rainier Park) - about 40 miles. It was sort of grey and overcast, with occasional showers. But we did see the occasional goat,

and giraffe

The next day we biked through the park - up to Paradise and down to Packwood (about 50 miles) It was beautiful -- clearer, although still no sign of the mountain in the morning.

We started to see fall colors -

The clouds started to break up

And Mom really loved her new bicycle

Paradise Visitors Center

Coming down the other side of Paradise we had spectacular views - the pictures don't do it justice



Day 3 was cold and wet again, especially as we climbed up Cayuse Pass. At the top, we put on all our warm clothes and heading down the other side.

We found a cafe in Edgewater and warmed up in front of the fire. Then continued to Enumclaw, and ended the ride.


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