Disney World Marathon

We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort -- a Disney World hotel, designed to look like a Caribbean hotel. It was actually quite nice, and had an excellent transportation system, so we didn't need a car.

The weekend wasn't as sunny as I had hoped.
We spend about a day and a half at Disney World, which was enough.

The marathon:

The race started at 7 AM, but we were required to be there by 4 AM! It was cold and dark. Fortunately, Sheila had the foresight to bring some plastic bags to help keep us warm. She also insisted that we wear these hats (I got Eeyore ears, she got a Pluto hat). I said I would wear mine only when a picture was taken.

Finally, we started. The course went through all five Disney World parks (both some scenic parts, and a lot of behind-the-scenes not so pretty parts.)

Yup - the route went right though the castle

There were Disney characters all along the way - Sheila posed with Pluto & Goofy. (People kept confusing which of them her hat was supposed to be.)

They had the obligatory rock bands as well.

Thank goodness the sun came out and we warmed up.


We finished! (Best finisher's medals ever!)

Yeah, I wore those ears the entire race.
  And retired back to our hotel room, and celebrated with champagne


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