Camping at Second Beach

I went camping at Second Beach on the Olympic Peninsula with my sister, Rachel, and her daughters, Lily and Olivia. Second Beach is beautiful, but overrun with people. The ranger said that there were 175 people camping there on Saturday (and that's just those who registered.) Fortunately, we went Sunday through Tuesday so there were less people, but there's no place not overrun.

Start of the hike.
Rachel, Lily, Olivia

Olivia on the beach
Olivia on the beach

Lily learned how to make fires in camp, so she was in charge.
 Lillian makes the fire

Reading stories around the campfire (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Modern touch: on a Kindle.)
Reading around the fire

The next morning we went to look at tide pools at low tide (while Rachel went back to the car and picked up chairs and more fire wood.) tidepools

Lily and the rock
Lily and the rock

Lillian pokes an urchin

I brought my scope, just in case there was something to see.Lillian watches through the scope


Later in the day, the sun came out, and we all hid from the sun. Olivia and Lily dug in the shade.
Hiding from sunshine

Clear night sunset

Rachel photos clear night sunset Sunset Rachel enjoying the sunset

Clear night - beautiful stars Stars

Lily and Olivia created sandcastles, and then waited for the sea to wash it away

One last search for hermit crabs, and then we headed home.