Lake Tahoe Trip

Years ago, I heard about a three-day triathlon at Lake Tahoe, which sounded much better than a one-day triathlon. All the training, but no need for speed, and the transition was a nice night's sleep between events. But when I finally decided to do it, the event had changed to a big running weekend of events, with a couple of side events thrown in (including a swim.) That was fine, since I can bike just fine on my own, and didn't have any interest in a bike "race" anyway (which was how the event was described.)

Patricia Hanson joined me in part of the event, and she got a beautiful condo for a week at Zephyr Cove (about 3 miles from South Lake Tahoe), and Patricia Danner joined us for some time exploring Lake Tahoe. The weather was perfect -- 70+ degrees, and clear skies. And Lake Tahoe is beautiful (in case anyone was wondering.)

Day 1: Bike around Lake Tahoe (72 miles/4,200 feet climbing)

Day 2: Swim 1/2 mile

Day 3: 16.6 mile walk

Rest of the time: I did a little touring, and a bit of working. (Better to work during the day at Lake Tahoe than in Redmond.)

Our last day we had drinks and appetizers at the 18th floor of Harrah's and watched the sun set.


We had a good time, and are talking about coming back in 2016 (October 6-9.)

I drove to Lake Tahoe most of the way on I-5, which is a busy highway. It was a miserable drive. Going back, I decided to drive a different route - via Bend. It was much nicer (until I got onto I-5 again at Portland.)

Evening in Bend

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