July 17 Birthdays

Day started early - at 6:30 AM I drove to Seattle, met my sister, and nieces on the Victoria Clipper which took us to Friday Harbor (not Victoria), and then whale watching on the south side of San Juan island where we saw a pod of Orca whales fishing and playing.

On our return to Friday Harbor, we also saw a Minke whale, and when we headed back to Seattle, seals and cormorants. (Actually, we saw cormorants all day.)

After that, I had fun dinner with Mom and Dad -- we were celebrating Dad's and my birthday as well.

Seattle 6:30am

Orcas fishing, or just splashing around

Mt. Baker - and snow-less Cascades in front

As it turns out, Minke whales don't come out of the water much at all - the guide said they were not as "charasmatic" as Orca.

Cormorants on nests

Mt. Rainier behind Seattle

Dad, Mom, and me at Ivars in our multi-color shirts

Seatle at 11 pm