Backpacking the Enchantment Lakes - Day 1

Linda and I had a great time hiking the Enchantment Lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness (just outside of Leavenworth) – the weather was (almost) perfect, the scenery was spectacular, and the bugs were minimal.

Originally we were going to do a tough hike on the first day (6 miles/3,000’ elevation gain) to Lake Caroline, and stay there two days, then hike down to Eightmile Lake the last day. We had been warned about the mosquitoes (WTA: “mosquitoes are Alaskan-grade”; ranger station report: “bugs are as bad as they ever get.” Guy in a camping store: “You're going to Lake Caroline? You really need to buy this mosquito netting hat”)

When we met the ranger on the trail, and she mentioned that another ranger had left the lake because of the bugs, we decided we would be foolish to ignore all these warnings. So, we stayed at the lower, closer, (and more popular) Eightmile Lake for all three nights.

Linda is ready to go
Linda ready
Trail in flowers
The trail was pretty open, a couple of trees, and lots of flowers

So our first day turned from a long challenging uphill walk to a shorter 3.3 mile hike. We reached our destination earlier than we expected.

Eightmile Lake

We eventually found a campsite (there weren't very many left on Friday afternoon. On Saturday, we shared the site with a third tent, but they were quiet people, fortunately) -- it had a nice view, but was a steep walk to the water.
Linda with water

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