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Dungeness Spit Walk - Page 1

I spent Sunday hiking out to the the Dungeness Spit lighthouse and back, something I had wanted to do for a long time, but never seemed to have the time when the weather was good. I got up early(ish) and drove to the Olympic peninsula near Sequim, arriving a little before noon. As I discovered, the park closed at 4:15 and the lighthouse was 5.5 miles out, so I walked briskly.

The tide was just starting to go out when I began walking, so I was dodging wave and scrambling over logs for the start of the walk.

I had the beach almost entirely to myself. There were the usual water birds – cormorants, scoters, Brandt Geese, and loons – swimming and diving along the water’s edge.

And a cute little bird that I nearly missed, except he ran away so I saw him.

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