California Dreaming

Easter in San Francisco

I started this vacation very tired, and with a cold. The drive from Seattle to San Francisco was a nightmare - high wind advisories and driving rain all the way down. I spent the night in Redding in a hotel that looked so bad I called home to basically say "if I disappear, this is where they will find the body."

So I was happy to get to San Fransciso, and let Christopher and Walter take care of me.

I picked up Sheila at the airport, and we walked to Golden Gate Bridge from their apartment. The sun had come out enough that it was sort of warm.

The next day, Walter made a wonderful Easter brunch for us (although Sheila was visiting a friend and missed it.)

We then drove to Yountville, in Napa Valley. We stayed at the Yountville Inn for the next three nights.

In front of our room
Entrance to our room-- it never got warm enough to sit outside, unfortunately
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