Rally to Restore Sanity

Washington DC, October 30 2010

Sheila & I stayed up kinda late (11 PM Seattle time; much, much later DC time) Friday night talking and drinking, so we didn't leave the house as early on Saturday as perhaps we should have. We walked to the subway station, and saw everyone coming out -- there were really long lines just to get tickets, and then all the cars were packed. We walked over to the taxi stand, but that had a long line in front of it also. Reluctantly, we walked back to the house and got in the car, very worried about traffic and parking. As it turned out, it was a brilliant move -- we parked about three blocks from the rally in front of Sheila's office, no problem.

Side street - last empty street we saw

We showed up a short time before the first act -- we weren't the first to arrive

We tried to get a view of the stage - or at least of a jumbotron screen. This is as close as we got.

Unfortunately, we couldn't hear very much at all. That turned out to be just fine -- we wandered around the edge of the very amusing crowd.

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