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Mt. Rainier 2009 Bicycle Ride

Three of us, Dennis, Janet, and I, rode our biked around Mt. Rainier in mid-September. We (mostly me and Janet) took turns driving the van and taking care of the dog.

Dennis shows off his shirt designed by his niece.
Dennis and Janet started riding from Enumclaw

 Zilla is trying to get the hang of drinking water from inside the van

I found a nice trail to walk Zilla on for about an hour or so. Then caught up with them at about mile 30 for lunch. Janet then drove the van, and Dennis and I rode to Ashford.

On the road - Zilla discovers blackberries taste good.

The weather was perfect - and the views of the mountain were beautiful.

Taking a break

Some day I want to stop at this sculpture garden (a short distance before Ashford), but I'm always too impatient to finish the ride.


We stayed at a motel in Ashford that allowed dogs. Zilla whined the first time I left her alone in the cabin, and barked when she heard anyone near the door, but calmed down after she had had a good walk. (She was better than the dog in a nearby cabin, who barked continually until 1:30 in the morning!)

Allison's Home Page Day 1 Day 2 Day 3