Hawaii 2009

Saturday (Arrival)

Sheila and I relaxed in the hotel (Royal Kona Resort). We had a beautiful view of the ocean from our balcony.

We checked in with the office every day

Sunday (North of Kona)

We spent the day north of Kona, in the "resort" area, which has some of the best white sand beaches. The first one -- Hapuna beach -- was nice and sandy, but very crowded. The next one, Beach "69," was rockier and with less people. It had some fun snorkeling, also.


Monday (Place of Refuge & Mauna Kea)

First part of the day we headed for the Captain Cook memorial in Kealakekua Bay to snorkel in a place that was supposed to be one of the best on the island. To get there, we would have had to rent kayaks (or swim a long way). When we got there, a guy renting kayaks talked with us, and, since we had to get back to Kona in just a few hours, advised us to go about four miles down the (one lane) road to Puuhonua O Honaunau ("Place of Refuge"), which had some easy to access snorkeling. We did that, and had another good swim, and saw plenty of fish.

We had to get back early, since we were going on a star gazing tour to Mauna Kea, the summit was 13,796 feet and had eight observatories on it. We were taken to the summit to watch the sun set, then taken down to about 9,000 feet to watch stars through a large telescope. It was cold! But both the sunset and stars were dramatic.

Silversword - an endangered plant, found only in Hawaii. Probably endangered because if you touch it, it dies.

It was very cold - taking off our hoods for this
photo was hard!

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