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Week 1: Day 2

Pacific RV Park, Tillamook to Beverly Beach State Park

Benj & Candy  

This was probably the hardest day on the entire ride -- both because of its length (86 miles) and all the hills. (At least, I hope it's the hardest day.) The scenery was beautiful. Most people elected to sag either at the beginning, or at the middle. Only Tom and I rode the entire day. It was long, but I did it.

We started out leaving 101 in Tillamook to ride the Three Capes Scenic Route, which consisted of steep climbs up to viewpoints or lighthouses, and then plunging downhills the the ocean.

Then we returned to 101, except for one section when we rode old 101 - which was quiet and through the woods.

As we came through Lincoln City and Depoe Bay, the ocean fog set it, and it got cold.

Lunch stop - at noon, Tom and I had done a total of 35 miles

Beth, Tom, and I biked the quiet section of old highway 101

Cute sculpture along the way

Just as we entered Lincoln City - Beth got a flat. (I had gotten one earlier that day.)

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