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Biking the West Coast

Updated October 26, 2008

From mid-September - mid-October 2008, six of us (Beth, Tom, Bruce, Benj, Candy, and I—all Odyssey riders) biked down the Oregon and California coast, from Astoria, OR to Los Angeles CA. We were joined in the northern section by Patricia and Joe, and in the southern section by my Mom and Dad (and, briefly, my sister Rachel). Russ joined us for part of the time, although he didn't ride.

It was a great ride! And I'm finally finished posting all my pictures.

This was the planned daily overnight stops and mileage. (For the most part, we stuck to the itinerary.)

The Planning

Next to Odyssey 2000, one of my favorite bike rides was riding down the West Coast in 1998 with TK&A. It was my first long-distance bike ride, and the scenery was spectacular (when it wasn't raining). I met some great people, the staff was wonderful, and I just had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, like Odyssey, the mileage each day was such that I didn't really get a chance to go slow and get the most out of each day. So I'm doing it again.

Here's the plan:

Even More Details:

The three sections of the trip

Leg 1: The Oregon Coast (view map of route) (Notes and pictures of my scouting trip)

September 14 (Sunday) - 19 (Friday)

6 biking days; 62 miles per day average

Saturday the 20th is a layover day at Brookings, and anyone who has only a week and wants to do this part will get a ride to the nearest train/bus station (which I think is over Grant's Pass to Medford). If we coordinate things, we could also pick up anyone who wants to join us for the next leg.

Leg 2: Northern California (view map of route)

September 21 (Monday) - September 30 (Wednesday)

9 biking days, 1 layover day; 48 miles per day average

Ending in San Francisco for another layover day.

Leg 3: Southern California (view map or route)

October 2 (Thursday) - October 12 (Sunday)

10 biking days, 1 layover day; 50 miles per day average

Ending in Los Angeles, assuming it hasn't burned down. I'm planning to take the train back to Seattle. We will also coordinate if people have left their cars in Astoria to get them back there.

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