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Week 3: Day 18 (Wednesday, October 1)

San Francisco Layover - Christopher & Walter's Wedding

I spent the first part of the day preparing the route guides for Southern California. Mom, Dad, and my sister Rachel were all in town for Christopher's wedding (plus a bunch of other people). Then, they were joining us for the bike ride.

(I understand Benj, Candy, Beth, Tom, and Bruce all had good layover days -- you can ask them about their day off.)

Christopher has been with Walter for 14 years. Now that the state has legalized same-sex marriage, they can finally tie the knot. (At least until November. If you live in California: VOTE NO ON 8!)

Rachel (sister) and Lillian (niece)

The ceremony was held at the end of a long pier


It was a very nice ceremony, with a great minister

As a Seattle resident all my life, I found it very confusing to see the sun set over the city. People not from Seattle were confused by my confusion.

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