South Dakota Tour & Leading Ladies Half-Marathon

Mom, Sheila, and I toured western South Dakota and then participated in the "Leading Ladies" half-marathon (in Lead, of course). Getting to South Dakota was a long drive. Actually, there was a lot of driving involved in this trip.

Friday evening: Mom and I drove from Seattle to Moses Lake, arrive late and tired.

Saturday: Drove to Bozeman. Had a wonderfully hospitable time with Diane and Travis in their new digs. What I loved most: when Diane wanted to make salad, she went outside and picked it. When she wanted to make a fancy butter for the corn, she went out and grabbed what herbs & flowers she wanted and chopped it into the butter. I'm very envious.

Sunday: Drove to Lead. Stayed at Joan's hostel (Main Street Manor Hostel) - very nice, clean, beautiful. Good location. We all went to Deadwood for dinner. (Everyone closed early in Lead as they recovered from the Sturgis rally.)

Monday: Late training walk for the half-marathon on the Mickelson Trail (over 100 miles of rails-to-trails). Joan dropped me off in Deadwood, and I walked to Lead (actually, past Lead and then back). I probably walked too far too close to the event, but as long as I recover in time, I should be okay.

Pictures from my walk:

Then, Mom and I drove to Rapid City and pick up Sheila. We spent some time at the Indian Relief Association -- Mom gets so many solicitations from them, she was curious to know more about the organization and what it was doing. She also asked how to stop receiving so many requests.

We drove from Rapid City to Badlands National Park (stopping at Wall Drugs, of course). We didn't have time to do much touring (short stroll on the boardwalk).

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