Exploring Monterey

One of the reasons I wanted to do the Big Sur Power Walk is so I would have an excuse to go to Monterey and see the aquarium. (I had bicycled past it years ago, and just didn't have the time to go in.) So, Friday, we go there early with pre-bought tickets, and took a look. (My pictures aren't very good, but the aquarium is great!)

There were plenty of people and groups waiting for the aquarium to open
Huge tank with sharks and lot of other fish. And scuba divers, cleaning up.
Penguins making noise!
Splash Zone (from above)


It was a cool aquarium, and I could have spent more time there, except as the day went on, it was filled with more and more people (and more screaming kids). We had lunch at its excellent restaurant, and headed out.

The aquarium has a fun website, where you can view the otters, penguins, main tank, aviary, etc. on a live camera: http://www.mbayaq.org/efc/efc_splash/splash_cam.asp

They also work hard to promote sustainable fishing. If you have ever wondered what fish are okay to eat in regard to sustainability, you can download a list here: http://www.mbayaq.org/cr/seafoodwatch.asp (I also picked up a couple of printed versions).


Saturday we went to the expo to pick up our shirt and packet. We were surprised to discover the women's 21 mile participants shirts were...bubblegum pink. Not our color. Really, really not.  (I'm happy that it wasn't a white cotton t-shirt, but...)
Runners Expo - Plenty of things to buy. (I got new sunglasses, Anne got some shorts.)

We walked along the path that went along the beach, and went back to the hotel to pack and get to bed early -- 8 PM lights out.

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