We stayed at "Al's Alaskan Inn"

It was surprisingly quiet and clean.

When I got a taxi from the airport, I asked the driver if he knew where Al's Alaskan Inn was. He said, "Sure, I know! Um ... how did you hear about it?"

That was pretty much the reaction from locals -- EVERYONE knows Al's. Except tourists. (Internet-savvy sisters also know Al's.)

Al's Alaskan Inn
Al's Inn breadspread

The bedspread was amusing

Dusty car

Rachel, Mary, and Heidi drove from Seattle to Anchorage. The went through a couple of construction sites, and it got a little dusty. At least it was always easy to find in a parking lot.

On Friday, we went into downtown Anchorage to pick up our marathon registration. There were Scottish highland games & bagpipes everywhere. Why not?